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Over the years, we have enjoyed helping hundreds of people buy and sell their homes in the Tampa Bay area. The rewards we get from helping people find the home they love drives us forward every day.

“Finding a Home” has a different meaning when it comes to shelter animals. Home is a warm bed, a regular meal, and a roof to protect from a raging storm or a cold night. Home means to love and life to our furry friends.

The Home Solutions Team has always praised local shelters, foster homes, and rescues for the great work they do but often wondered, ‘couldn’t we do more?’ Now we know: Yes, we can!

Pads4Paws, a program we have developed, is our way of giving back to these amazing rescues and shelters so they can continue their good work. Of course, we aren’t the only company that supports worthy causes, – but 15we feel this is a unique way to make each of our real estate transactions matter to a sponsored animal and its benefactors.

Pads4Paws will generously support local animal shelters, rescues, and foster homes in their efforts to fund programs for animals. The Pads4Paws program provides a plan where our team contributes a pre-determined dollar amount from our sales toward these organizations’ ongoing rescue and rehabilitation efforts. In addition, by choosing to list their properties or purchase a property with our team, our clients become integral supporters of these shelter animals.

How Does The Program Work?

Each time we launch a new listing for sale or help a buyer find their new home, a sponsored animal will be chosen as the beneficiary of the sale. Information about the animal and its shelter will be offered throughout the course of the transaction. We will be sharing stories and photos of the sponsored animal so our Home Solutions Team audience will get to know them and ‘cheer them on’ – When the transaction successfully closes, the Home Solutions Team will donate $100 in that animal’s name to their home shelter, rescue or foster home.

PADS4PAWS Video Gallery