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Create Your Perfect Home Library

Are you a bibliophile who has lived far too long with stacks of books in every room? Or do you just adore the way a handful of hardbacks looks? Whether you love to display books for function or fashion, it might be time to start a new chapter with a home library.

Get started with a freestanding bookshelf, wall-mounted shelving, or a dedicated room. If you don’t have a full room to convert to a den or library space, get creative with a closet. An unused hall closet with wraparound shelving can be a portal into the literary world. Install built-in bookshelves along a living room wall and corner to create a picture-perfect reading nook. Wall-mounted floating shelves may be simpler than custom built-ins, and they give you the option to use live edge wood that lends a layer of organic history to your guidebooks. Clunky entertainment centers that don’t fit modern televisions can be repurposed as stand-alone bookcases. Remove any superfluous door fronts and paint or refinish the furniture piece for a custom library setup on the cheap.

Are you building a collection from scratch or displaying your existing, much-loved books? Do you want your shelves to double as decor? If so, you may want to source spines in a specific color palette or organize your books by color. While the ROYGBIV method is a popular and surprisingly easy way to locate titles, you may go the traditional route and arrange by author, genre, or even book size. Regardless, consider a section for kiddos so they know just where to go for storytime.

Written by Maresa Giovannini.

Photography by sihuo0860371/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

When determining which tomes to feature in your home library, do a condition check. Books that have been sitting in storage may develop mildew or an unpleasant scent. Look up remediation tactics if there are pieces you just can’t part with. Placing baking soda behind your books (like in the refrigerator) and adding an air purifier can also help neutralize that “old book” smell.

Highlight your collection in the evening with gallery-style lighting. Finish a nearby reading nook with a formal wingback chair or a casual, oversize ottoman with pillows. Add a floor or table lamp so you can curl up and catch up with your favorite characters or historic figures before heading to bed. The beginning of someone else’s adventure may be the perfect ending to your day.

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