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Upgrade The Small Spaces In Your Home

You may have missed design opportunities all around your house! There are tons of areas where they may seem useless or wasted, like partial diving walls or under the staircase, nooks, or even alcoves that are there due to the home’s unique features. With some creativity, we can help you transform these spaces in your home into something more useful.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Open Your Space Up To Surfaces and Seating!

Take a stroll through your home and note all of the various nooks and crannies that seem to be empty. With some features like seating, tables or desks you can fill these areas up. Some of these examples can even make these areas more functional for you and your family. Once you start imagining all the things that these areas can be, a whole new world is open. 

Adding benches or tables to space in your foyer can help you and your family be more organized in the mornings. You can place a bin for shoes or a bench for them to slide under to keep everything in one place. When you have a little nook to work with, you can try creating and placing a desk in this area. If you have a room with a larger window, you can try putting a bench or lounger to help give people a private place to relax after a long day. These design tips are just the beginning.

Have You Tried Storage and Organization?

Along with creating new seating for you or your family, you can transform your nooks into storage areas.  By adding shelves or cabinets, you can change a space and the empty walls surrounding it. These tips can not only transform your room, but they will give you new ways to organize your items. There are so many different options when you get creative with storage and organization in these smaller areas.  If you have specific areas in your kitchen dividing the room in half or separating it from other rooms, consider adding built-in cabinets or storage here. You can add wine racks or even a vertical pull-out cabinet next to your sink or stove. 

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A third option to recreating these areas in your home is quickly adding in bookcases. Bookcases can be easy to install and are great when you have an unused wall or corner! Bookcases hold items to give a small insight into who you and your family are; they can also help declutter other areas you may have over-designed.

There Is A Use For Every Space

After accomplishing some of these projects, you may be surprised by how much more space you have. There are even more options for clearing up and adding space to your outdoor areas! Try some of these tips in your patios, lanais, and even your garages. One small project can go a long way when trying to make your home more functional and fun.

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