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YHL – Infuse Your Home with Seasonal Hues

Fall Forecast

Infuse Your Home with Seasonal Hues

Color trends may come and go, but nature never gets old. Let a classic fall palette that exudes warmth fill your home with some popular predictions for autumn. Like the leaves on the trees that tell a glorious story, these bold tones lend distinction to your decor.

The top fall colors can be incorporated in rather subtle or more adventurous applications around the house. Whether you want a rich look for a temporary table setting or a more permanent wall covering, here are some picks that speak to the season.

Jewel Tones.

Rich, jewel tones always make a statement. Bordeaux, for example, adds drama to a modest space like a powder room when applied to the ceiling and walls, making it feel like a luxe jewelry box. In a sitting area, a velvet sofa in a regal shade of plum can add a touch of royalty to make every day hangs feel decadent.

Shades of Green.

You can’t go wrong with green, and there are countless shades to fit your fancy. Start with sage, hunter, or olive. Green is a neutral that pairs well with other seasonal tones and adds energy to a personal space like a kid’s room or a guest suite. Double the fun by combining emerald-green walls with draperies and bedding in a warm shade of Bordeaux to make anyone feel special when enveloped in these comforting colors.

Sunny Hues.

Amber and yellow can help you get that glow, whether you envision a kitchen with a sunny-side-up vibe or a library with a mellow tone that has a calming effect. These cozy picks can complement other selections like Bordeaux and green. Pops of amber or yellow also shine in accent pieces like pillows and rugs. When sourcing decor, search for burnt yellow, mustard, or ochre.

Grounding Neutrals.

Caramel, bronze, and copper deliver the perfect earth tones. These grounded shades blend indoor and outdoor elements while paving the way for others, such as amber and green. Capture a similar feel with materials that feature these warm hues, like cork, leather, and wood.

Pumpkin Palette.

Perk up your personal spaces with high-energy hues like orange and red tones that can give you the boost to tackle other home-improvement projects. Veer from the traditional color wheel with rust, terra-cotta, burgundy, and cayenne. Use the hues to invigorate the back of a bookcase in a study or a vintage dresser in the entry as a cheerful catchall. For a fall medley that lets you experiment, paint some wood produce crates in these lively yet soothing colors and secure them together for a custom storage piece that celebrates the season.

Recent trends serve as reminders that fall foliage can inspire your home. Autumn is a time of transition, which also makes it the perfect time to change up your decor. When you pick a classic palette that features a few on-trend hues, you create a warm environment as timeless as nature itself.

Written by Jeanine Matlow. Photography by franckreporter/E+/Getty Images, damedeeso/iStock/Getty Images Plus, tenkende/iStock/Getty Images Plus, MmeEmil/E+/Getty Images.

The Great Pumpkin

Nothing captures the essence of the season quite like a pumpkin. Here are a handful of varieties with textures, colors, and shapes that lend visual interest to any vignette.

The Rouge Vif D’Etampes, known for its vivid color and unique shape is also called the Cinderella pumpkin due to the shape of the coach in the classic fairy tale. Often chosen for decoration, they also make great French soup stock.

White pumpkins have many names, such as ghost, Lumina, and Full Moon. Their pale shades make them popular picks for seasonal displays as a neutral element that stands out in a colorful environment.

Jack Be Little looks just like it sounds. These miniature, flat, ribbed pumpkins come in smaller sizes than standard varieties. When grouped together, they make a sweet centerpiece for your dining table.

Dill’s Atlantic Giant is considered the granddaddy of all pumpkins and holds the world record at more than 1,800 pounds. Their size alone makes a great seasonal impression.

Knucklehead pumpkins are covered in warts making them the perfect canvas to carve scary jack-o-lanterns for a haunted house effect.

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